Tangle Network

Network Information

Tangle Network

Launching April 10, 2024
Network TypeMainnet
Native Asset SymbolTNT
Native Asset Decimals18
Chain ID5845
Public RPC URL
Public WSS URLwss://
Interfaces & ExplorersBlockScout


Tangle Network is an advanced blockchain platform designed for MPC coprocessors and infrastructure. It seamlessly integrates Multi-Party Computation (MPC) primitives with an innovative restaking mechanism, empowering developers to create groundbreaking privacy-enhancing solutions within a decentralized, crypto-economically secure landscape.

Scale with MPC: Integrate Tangle's MPC-as-a-Service into your projects for scalable, secure development environments. Tangle serves as a core infrastructure for ZK applications across ecosystems.

Build with MPC: Contribute to Tangle's modular protocol, expanding its capabilities through innovative upgrades. Enable cross-chain interactions via bridges, IBC, XCM, and ensure EVM compatibility for seamless interoperability.

Earn with MPC: Earn rewards by providing essential cryptographic services in Tangle's restaking framework. The system incentivizes high-quality MPC services through direct restaking on available roles.

Collaborate with MPC Join Tangle's diverse community of developers, researchers, dApp users, bridge users, and token holders. Participate in an advanced governance model, underpinned by a Distributed Key Generation protocol, which secures cross-chain applications.

Key Features

  • MPC-as-a-Service (MaaS): : Tangle natively supports various multi-party computation primitives and zero-knowledge proving services, positioning the network as a core infrastructure for ZK applications across multiple ecosystems.

  • Restaking: Tangle's restaking system seamlessly integrates with its MPCaaS infrastructure, incentivizing node operators to provide high-quality MPC services by allowing them to restake directly on available roles.

  • Interoperability: Tangle enables fluid cross-chain interactions, from asset bridging to advanced cross-chain communication, through technologies such as private bridges, zkBridges, IBC pallets, and XCM.

  • EVM Compatibility: The Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) serves as a conduit for compatibility and interoperability with Ethereum-based tools and applications, allowing developers to construct DApps, generate NFTs, and utilize ERC20 tokens across diverse networks.


MPC Flow

Tangle Network offers a range of services to support the development and deployment of advanced cryptographic applications:

  • Signing as a Service (TSSaaS): Tangle provides threshold signatures as a service, enabling the creation of decentralized bridges, oracles, and custody solutions with robust security.

  • zkSNARKs as a Service (zkSaaS): Tangle offers proof generation as a service, allowing developers to outsource the proof generation process to a privacy-preserving infrastructure, addressing computational challenges faced by resource-constrained devices.


Tangle Network introduces an innovative platform to support cross-chain Zero-Knowledge (ZK) applications and enhance privacy in the blockchain ecosystem. With its unique offering of MPCaaS, restaking mechanism, and commitment to interoperability, Tangle is well-positioned to become a core infrastructure for enabling privacy-first and interoperable blockchain solutions.


The following is subject to change as DAO governance supports different initiatives.


  • Launch democracy governance.
  • Finalize Tangle Token Distribution
  • Launch Incentivized testnet

Phase 2

  • Launch mainnet on April 10, 2024 and allocate TNT tokens.
  • Deploy threshold signature scheme (TSS) as a service.
  • Deploy restaking: linking validators to the MPC services.

Phase 3

  • Launch cross-chain transfers.
  • Initialize proof generation (ZKSaaS) as a service.
  • Deploy ETH2 Light Client

Phase 4

  • Remove Sudo and fully delegate authority to the on-chain community.
  • Expand MPC service offerings.
  • Integrate with EigenLayer.

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