Account Management
Proxy Accounts

Creating a Proxy Account on Tangle Network

Proxy accounts allow users to delegate limited permissions to other accounts for specific actions, enhancing security. This guide covers setting up and using proxy accounts on Tangle Network.


Proxy accounts perform certain transactions on behalf of main accounts. Useful for delegating permissions without compromising main account. Various proxy types have permissions restricted to certain transaction types. Main and proxy accounts remain separate entities. Proxy accounts provide granular and secure permission delegation, with specific types for particular use cases. They can be added and removed easily.

Creating a Proxy

On the Accounts page, select the dots menu for the main account. Choose "Add proxy" and confirm the action. Select proxy type based on desired permissions. Set the proxy account and submit transaction. A deposit is required to assign a proxy, returned when proxy removed. Proxy accounts are denoted with a symbol.

Proxy Account Types

  • Any - Broad permissions for any transaction type.
  • Non-transfer - All transactions except balance transfers.
  • Governance - Transactions related to on-chain governance.
  • Staking - Transactions related to staking functions.
  • Identity Judgement - Judging identity registrations.
  • Auction - Permissions for auction and crowdloan transactions.

Removing Proxy Accounts

  • Remove individual proxies via Proxy overview for each account.
  • Or clear all proxies at once on the Manage proxies page.
  • Removal returns deposit and revokes proxy permissions.