Node Operation
Proxy Accounts

Setting Up a Proxy Account

A proxy account allows you to delegate some functionalities to another account, which can act on behalf of the primary account. Polkadot.js Apps also provides an option to create a time-delayed proxy, enhancing security by giving the primary account time to review and potentially cancel transactions before they are executed.

Creating a Proxy Account

Using the Extrinsics Page

  1. Navigate to the Extrinsics Page:

    • Click on the Developer tab.
    • Select Extrinsics from the dropdown.
  2. Input Proxy Details:

    • Select your primary account.
    • From the dropdown, choose proxy > addProxy.
    • Specify the delegate account for the proxy.
    • Choose Balances from the proxyType dropdown.
    • Optionally, set a time delay (in block numbers) to add a waiting period before the proxy can act.
  3. Finalize the Proxy:

    • Click Submit Transaction.
    • Authorize and sign the transaction to establish the proxy relationship.
    • A confirmation will appear once the transaction is successful.

Using the Accounts Page

  1. Navigate to Your Accounts:

    • Go to the Accounts page.
    • Find your primary account and click on the three vertical dots next to it.
    • Select Add proxy (If the account already has a proxy, you'll see Manage proxies).
  2. Specify Proxy Details:

    • A pop-up will appear.
    • Choose the account you wish to set as a proxy.
    • Define the type of proxy.
    • Click Add Proxy, then Submit, and sign the transaction.

Verifying Your Proxy Account

Once you've set up a proxy account, it's essential to verify that it's configured correctly.

Using the Chain State Page

  1. Navigate to Chain State:

    • From the dropdown, choose proxy > proxies.
    • Select your primary/proxied account.
    • Click on the + button to send the query.
  2. Review Proxy Details:

    • Results will display information about your proxies, including the proxy account address, type, delay period (if set), and the total bond amount.

Using the Accounts Page

  1. Go to Your Accounts:

    • On the Accounts page, find the Proxy symbol next to your primary account.
    • Hover over the icon and click Manage proxies to see your proxies.
  2. Inspect Proxy Overview:

    • A pop-up will show an overview of all your proxy accounts.