Node Operation

Flags and Subcommands

Setting up a Tangle Network node involves various flags to configure its operation. This guide elucidates the commonly used flags and provides instructions on how to view the complete list.

Always refer to the official Substrate documentation for exhaustive details on flags (opens in a new tab), subcommands (opens in a new tab), and CLI tools and commands. (opens in a new tab) for Substrate-based nodes, including Tangle.


  • --port: Define the TCP port for peer-to-peer protocols.
  • --rpc-port: Unified port for both HTTP and WS connections.
  • --in-peers: Limit on accepted incoming connections (Default: 25).
  • --out-peers: Limit on maintained outgoing connections (Default: 25).


  • --execution: Choose the execution strategy for all contexts based on the runtime compilation:

    • native: Use only the native build.
    • wasm: Use only the Wasm build.
    • both: Use both native and Wasm builds.
    • nativeelsewasm: Use native; if it fails, use Wasm.
  • --wasm-execution: Method for executing Wasm runtime code:

    • compiled: Uses the Wasmtime compiled runtime (default).
    • interpreted-i-know-what-i-do: Uses the wasmi interpreter.

State & Database:

  • --state-pruning: Define the state pruning mode:

    • archive: Retain the full state of all blocks.
    • <number-of-blocks>: Retain state only for a specified number of blocks.
  • --trie-cache-size: Set the internal state cache size.

  • --db-cache: Limit the database cache's memory usage. Recommended: 50% of server RAM.

File Paths & Chain Spec:

  • --base-path: Path where chain data resides.
  • --chain: Chain specification to use; can be a file path.

Telemetry & Naming:

  • --name: Assign a name to the node for telemetry.
  • --telemetry-url: URL for the telemetry server. Can specify multiple URLs.

Ethereum Compatibility (Frontier):

  • --eth-log-block-cache: Limit for the LRU cache size for block data (Default: 300,000,000).
  • --eth-statuses-cache: Limit for the LRU cache size for transaction statuses (Default: 300,000,000).


  • --sync: Configure the blockchain syncing mode:
    • full: Download and validate the full blockchain history.
    • fast: Download blocks without execution and get the latest state with proofs.
    • fast-unsafe: As 'fast', but without downloading state proofs.
    • warp: Download only the latest state and proof.

Accessing All Flags

To see a full list of flags:

Using Docker:

Confirm the path and image with your image name:

docker run --network="host" -v "/var/lib/data:/data"
-u $(id -u ${USER}):$(id -g ${USER}) --help

Using Systemd:

If you used the binary directly:

./tangle-YOUR-VERSION-HERE> --help

If you compiled the binary:

./target/release/tangle-YOUR-VERSION-HERE> --help

Currently, your release may be one the following. Refer to the Releases page on our Github for more information (opens in a new tab):

  • tangle-testnet-linux-amd64
  • tangle-txpool-linux-amd64