Network Configuration

Getting Started with Tangle Network

Networks in the Tangle Ecosystem

Before you dive into development, it's crucial to familiarize yourself with the different networks within the Tangle ecosystem.

Network Information

Tangle Network

Launching April 10, 2024
Network TypeMainnet
Native Asset SymbolTNT
Native Asset Decimals18
Chain ID5845
Public RPC URL
Public WSS URLwss://
Interfaces & ExplorersBlockScout

Types for Chain Integration

To find the latest types for Tangle Network, visit the lookup.tsx file in our Github repo. (opens in a new tab) It automatically produces a full file of the types for the network on changes.

Block Explorers

We will offer two types of block explorers to accommodate the Ethereum API and Substrate API. Transactions based on the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) can be accessed through the Ethereum API. Conversely, the Substrate API is your go-to for native Substrate operations such as governance and staking. While the Substrate API does provide some details about EVM-based transactions, the information it presents is somewhat limited.

Block ExplorerTypeURL
BlockScoutEVMlink (opens in a new tab)
PolkadotJSSubstratelink (opens in a new tab)

Funding Your Accounts

Before starting development on our Testnets, fund your account with tTNT tokens, strictly intended for testing purposes and devoid of real-world value. You can obtain this on our Discord server Faucet channel (opens in a new tab)

Development Tools

As an Ethereum-compatible, Substrate-based chain, Tangle Network allows for the use of both Substrate and Ethereum tools.

SubstrateSubstrate Python Inteface (opens in a new tab)Library
SubstratePolkadot JS API (opens in a new tab)Library
EVMWeb3JS (opens in a new tab)Library
EVMEthersJS (opens in a new tab)Library
EVMHardhat (opens in a new tab)Dev Environment

Participating in the Tangle Network

Joining the Tangle Network community is easy. You can run a node, develop a Dapp, or contribute to our open-source codebase. For more information, visit our Node Operation Guide, and Contribution Guide.

Looking Ahead: Mainnet Launches

Our official Mainnet launch date is set for April 10, 2024.