Voting and Proposing
Create a Proposal

Proposing an Action on the Tangle Network

Proposing an referenda on the Tangle Network requires you to bond some TNT tokens. To ensure you have enough tokens to make the minimum deposit, you can check the parameter in the chain state.

On Tangle Apps, you can use the "Democracy" tab to make a new proposal. To submit a proposal, you'll need to submit what's called the preimage hash. The preimage hash is the hash of the proposal to be enacted. You can easily get the preimage hash by clicking on the "Submit preimage" button and configuring the action you're proposing.

Copy this preimage hash and save it for the next step. There's no need to click "Submit Preimage" at this point, though you could. We'll go over that in the next section.

Now you'll click on the "Submit proposal" button, enter the preimage hash into the "preimage hash" field, and enter at least the minimum deposit into the "locked balance" field. Click on the blue "Submit proposal" button, confirm the transaction, and you should see your proposal appear in the "proposals" column on the page.

Your proposal is now visible to anyone who accesses the Tangle Network, and others can second it or submit a preimage. However, it's hard to tell exactly what this proposal does since it shows the hash of the action. Other TNT holders won't be able to make a judgement about whether they second it or not until someone submits the actual preimage for this proposal. In the next step, you will submit the preimage.

Submitting a Preimage

The act of making a proposal is separate from submitting the preimage for the proposal since the storage cost of submitting a large preimage could be quite high. Allowing the preimage submission to come as a separate transaction means another account could submit the preimage for you if you don't have the funds to do so. It also means that you don't have to pay so many funds right away as you can prove the preimage hash out-of-band.

However, before the proposal passes, you'll need to submit the preimage, or else the proposal can't be enacted. The guide will now show you how to do this.

Click on the blue "Submit preimage" button and configure it to be the same as what you did before to acquire the preimage hash. This time, instead of copying the hash to another tab, follow through and click "Submit preimage" and confirm the transaction.

Submit Preimage

Once the transaction is included, you should see the UI update with the information for your already submitted proposal.

Seconding a Proposal

Seconding a proposal means that you're agreeing with the proposal and backing it with an equal amount of deposit as was originally locked. By seconding a proposal, you'll move it higher up the rank of proposals. The most seconded proposal - in value, not the number of supporters - will be tabled as a referendum to be voted on every launch period.

To second a proposal, navigate to the proposal you want to second and click on the "Second" button.

You'll be prompted with the full details of the proposal (if the preimage has been submitted!), and you can then broadcast the transaction by clicking the blue "Second" button.

Once successful, you'll see your second appear in the dropdown in the proposal details.