Tangle Network

Testnet Network Information

Tangle Network

Network TypeTestnet
Native Asset SymboltTNT
Native Asset Decimals18
Chain ID3799
Public RPC URL
Public WSS URLwss://
Interfaces & ExplorersBlockScout


Tangle Network is a Substrate-based mainnet crafted to deliver decentralized cloud services, emphasizing Multi-Party Computation (MPC) as a Service (MPCaaS). Enabled by validator restaking, Tangle provides an ideal framework for application development that prioritizes privacy through the secure computation of private inputs.

Our platform supports an array of critical services tailored for developers working on advanced Zero-Knowledge (ZK) and cross-chain solutions. Central to that is the fusion of cross-chain interoperability, Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) compatibility, sophisticated governance protocols, and ZK services.

These services include zkSNARKS-as-a-Service (zk-SNARKsaaS) and Trusted Setups-as-a-Service, as well as non-ZK MPC services like Threshold Signature Schemes as-a-Service (TSSaaS) and threshold encryption. Together, these strengths set the stage for an era of rapid implementation of privacy-centric applications.

Key Features

1. Cross-Chain Functionality and EVM Compatibility

The Tangle Network breaks traditional chain boundaries, allowing seamless interaction, data exchange, and operation of ZK applications across different blockchain networks. Leveraging the power of the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) on Substrate, developers can utilize familiar EVM tooling and compatibility to build decentralized applications (DApps), create Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs), and utilize ERC20 tokens across multiple networks.

2. Advanced Governance

The Tangle Network implements an innovative governance model based on Distributed Key Generation (DKG) protocol. The DKG protocol serves as a security instrument for the Tangle Network's cross-chain Anchor zkApps, ensuring the validity of bridge updates with crypto-economically secured threshold-signatures.

DKG is a cryptographic method where multiple entities collaboratively produce a shared public and private key. In the Tangle Network, DKG fortifies the governance of distributed applications, particularly the Anchor System. It bolsters the security of the network by ensuring the integrity of signed messages via threshold signatures. This not only provides resistance against potential threats but also amplifies the Tangle Network's credibility.

3. Privacy-Enhancing ZK Applications

Privacy is a paramount concern in the Tangle Network. By providing an infrastructure for Zero-Knowledge (ZK) applications, we enable users to experience a new generation of privacy-enhancing functionalities. ZK applications empower users to transact, communicate, and interact privately while maintaining the security and immutability of blockchain technology.

4. Built on Substrate

The Tangle Network is built on Substrate, an advanced blockchain framework renowned for its flexibility, scalability, and cutting-edge features. This strategic choice ensures that our platform remains at the forefront of speed, security, and scalability, serving as a reliable backbone for the Tangle Network. Leveraging Substrate's modular architecture, we enable seamless interaction and interoperability with other blockchain networks.


The following is subject to change as DAO governance supports different initiatives.

Phase 1

  • Test Runtime Upgrade
  • Finalize Tangle Token Distribution
  • Launch Incentivized testnet

Phase 2

  • Update Tangle Genesis for Launch
  • Distribute TNT Tokens
  • Launch Democracy Governance
  • Launch OFAC VAnchor Bridges

Phase 3

  • Launch Cross-chain Transfers
  • Validator Staking Upgrades
  • Launch Semaphore VAnchor bridges

Phase 4

  • Remove Sudo
  • Improve Relayer & Proposer Security

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