RPC Methods

Substrate and Custom JSON-RPC Methods

RPCs are exposed as a method on a specific module. This signifies that once available, you can invoke any RPC via api.rpc.<module>.<method>(...params[]). This is also applicable for accessing Ethereum RPCs using the Polkadot.js API, in the format of polkadotApi.rpc.eth.*.

Certain methods accessible via the Polkadot.js API interface are also available as JSON-RPC endpoints on Tangle Network nodes. This section offers some examples; you can request a list of exposed RPC endpoints by invoking api.rpc.rpc.methods() or the rpc_methods endpoint indicated below.

Supported Ethereum methods

More information will be added to this page.

Polkadot.js API Utility Functions

The Polkadot.js API also incorporates numerous utility libraries for computing frequently used cryptographic primitives and hash functions. You can view the full list at (opens in a new tab).